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About us

The Voltron® Lighting Group was founded in 2009 and has numerous divisions across Europe and Asia. The group employs more than 235 people, distributes over more than 8000m² of production and storage areas. The R&D department is mainly located in Belgium for specific customization - or OEM requests.

With strong partnerships such as Lumiled, Epistar, Bridgelux, MeanWell, etc., our Voltron® brand has the advantage of being able to offer high-quality LED solutions within our own range Voltron® Lighting Group specializes in customized solutions for global players in certain niche markets, spreading across industrial machine builders, automotive industry, industrial technical installations, etc. Over the years, Voltron® Lighting Group has grown enormously through surveys from the market itself to solutions for known problems, innovative technologies and products that are not available on the market, so Voltron® has Lighting Group about a patented design for IP54 / IP68 LED strips where no visual color difference is visible anymore between IP20 and IP54 / 65.

Do you have specific questions or requirements for LED lighting? Do you need customization or OEM, contact our sales department and we will gladly help you further.





Production of own models

VOLTRON® consciously chooses to offer top quality. With 10 years of experience, VOLTRON® has become the player selected by renowned architectural firms, builders, interior architects, engineering firms, ... as a partner in the execution of projects .

All our LED lighting is produced by VOLTRON® itself, the entire production process is in-house, and we are responsible for purchasing the LED 'dies', the heart of technology, at the source. These 'dies' then undergo the encapsulation process, in order to be processed in the production of LED strips, in the COB (Chips On Board) process or as a unique component (eg in spotlights).

Every The unit produced undergoes a spectrophoto color test which ensures optimum quality assurance. Of all types of lighting. for performing simulations and light studies.

Quality guarantees lifespan and therefore low Total Cost of Ownership

We are regularly asked what the differences are when it comes to the quality of LED lighting.

The quality is influenced by both high-tech factors (the type of LED used, the implementation of the phosphorization and encapsulation process, the quality of the feed) and as a number of factors connected to the structure of the device and the material choices, the latter in particular are important for optimum heat removal (the thickness of the copper PCB, the type of aluminum, etc.) .

We would be happy to tell you more about it in our showroom or offices.

Qualitative LED lighting installed in a professional and expert manner guarantees the lowest total cost.

Agree when the lighting is installed, energy consumption is reduced by a fraction compared to other types of lighting, and the high quality ensures that during the lifetime (up to 50,000 burning hours) only the absolute minimum of technical interventions for component repair and replacement must take place.

Our challenge

We never equate to a point where we think we have achieved something. We continue to think along with our customers. We study the market and look for a perfect product that can meet this demand.

Our products, customers and projects are our top priority. By constantly monitoring, guiding and providing the necessary training you, as a customer, can take on any project with us in peace of mind.

How we serve you as a customer

Many customers do not have time to reflect on certain complex parameters of their projects. To do this, they would like to rely on our specialists who will gladly assist you in the project:

  • Preliminary study of the project
  • Support in communication and consultation with the client
  • Light study
  • Subsidies for larger projects
  • Financial calculations
  • Possible execution through partners, customers

We use a precise strategic approach to implement your vision in your concept and to bring your project together to a successful conclusion. Central it contains the achieving predefined targets and measurable results for our customers. Through innovation, quality and thinking along with our customers we reach that endpoint that you as a customer have in mind!

Our service

Ideas and concepts

We invest a lot of time and research into new concepts, products, technologies. That way we can always provide our customers with up-to-date high-end products.

Latest new technologies

Optimized production and flexible R&D developers result in the latest new up-to-date technologies.

Design & OEM

We produce OEM products and specialize in custom development.

Circular LED

Our products are produced in such a way that all critical parts are replaceable, ready for a second, third, fourth, ... life cycle. This is a real win situation in your investment in the medium long and long term.


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