From DIE to LED chip

Quality determines everything

Voltron® is regularly asked, why are there so many differences possible with LED lighting? There are numerous factors that determine the quality of LED lighting. Every step is crucial for the end product. We are not in a position to judge whether other lighting is good or bad, but we can show how our lighting is made and how our production process goes from 'LED die' to 'LED chip', so we hope to give everyone an insight. indicate that many factors are important to achieve a high-quality end result: Below you can watch a step-by-step video of how our LED chips are made and how every step of the process goes, we also show how our LED controllers are made and how quality control works.

STEP 1 & 2: LEDs that are placed in their module.

This first step in the process largely determines the end quality of the product. We use LEDs as Lumiled, Epistar or Bridgelux. It is not because you use a brand 'LED die' that you end up with a qualitative LED chip. The following steps are all important in the entire process.

STEP 3: LEDs that are tied with golden wires.

This step is crucial for quality. To make LED chips that are much cheaper, copper wires are sometimes used (these go after frequent hot / cold ordinary parts) or aluminum wires are put in a gold color , but these too are of less quality and will therefore last less.

STEP 4: LED die's get a layer of phosphorus.

This step is responsible for the quality and light color of the LED lighting. The phosphor is made on the basis of previous BIN codes. This means that there are no color deviations on the LED chips, which is of great importance that LED chips do not have a different color scaling in an LED strip, it does not meet the requirements set by us. In our production, each LED chip passes the check and receives its own BIN and batch code.

STEP 5: LED chips quality control

The LED chips are checked one by one. Both for perfect operation and for color constant. Every deviating chip is irrevocably removed from the further production process.

STEP 6: LED chips are placed on the bend band.

The LED chips are checked one by one. Both for perfect operation and for color constant. Every deviating chip is irrevocably removed from the further production process.

STEP 7: LED chips are mounted on the PCB.

The LED chips are fully automatically mounted on the PCB. The automatic process reduces the error margin to a minimum, which increases the quality. Manual placement is done a lot, but that does not benefit the quality at all. All our products are automatically mounted

Mounting PCB boards for our LED controllers

Not only are our LED chips automatically mounted, but also our LED controllers. In many cases this is still done manually by third parties, but that definitely does not improve the quality and reliability. Because we automatically assemble everything and after mechanically checking the printing board per board, we obtain excellent quality and reliability in our production process.The comparison is made on the basis of images that are in a database, comparing component by component for correct placement.The margin of error here is 0%.

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