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End customer speaks: LYRECO - ©Voltron®
Customer speaking.

For a new-build warehouse in Zele where the company LYRECO moves in, the client carried out an extensive study with regard to energy-efficient and high-quality LED lighting.
Mr. Bart Huylenbroeck (project manager development & management real estate for the DBI group) has contacted VOLTRON® from Ternat for this.

“For the new 1668 m² warehouse, we have sought the right balance between minimizing electrical consumption on the one hand and achieving the lux values ​​for the building on the other.
Various manufacturers have presented us with extensive light studies. We were pleasantly surprised by the strong results of the new VOLTRON® fixture, specially developed for the lighting of warehouses and production halls. Not only can the entire surface be covered with a minimum of luminaires, the individual consumption per luminaire, and the ease of installation, were decisive arguments in the market survey.

From the start of the project, the professionals at VOLTRON® have sensed how we wanted to realize our project. We have been convinced by a thorough lighting study, an intensive consultation on the various variants and possibilities of application, and finally the expert presentation of the luminaire and its characteristics.

After a first lesser experience with LED lighting at great heights, we were reluctant to opt for LED technology again at the start of this project. In previous realizations, we have experienced many difficulties with poor quality, mainly due to insufficient heat dissipation with continuous use of fixtures made of polycarbonate. The Parker fixture from VOLTRON® offers the answer: the entire fixture is designed in high-quality aluminum, which greatly promotes durability. As owner and lessor we are responsible for the maintenance costs of the lighting installation. For this project we have decided to use high-quality devices with the longest possible service life.

An additional feature, unique in the market, is the side bracket that allows the luminaire to be tilted 180 °. This application makes it possible during installation to realize the electrical connection in a very simple way and - if necessary - to replace the power supply. Additional assets are the IP 65 version and the water-tight power supply that is mounted on top of the fixture.

For the LYRECO warehouse, we chose the 81W luminaire with a transparent cover. The beautifully evenly distributed light is clearly an added value and creates a pleasant working environment.
In comparison with other tests that were performed, we have achieved the required brightness levels with the lowest number of luminaires with VOLTRON®.

The Parker also passes the comparison test with LED bay's, because the latter have the major disadvantage that many zones are perceived by the user as "too dark". These black holes are described as disturbing in the workplace.

After an extensive light study, the entire installation was carried out by our own engineers. Although they had no experience with The Parker, it was remarkable that the installation was mounted much faster compared to previous projects, partly due to the smart mounting technology specific to this fixture.

The return on investment is less than 2 years, thanks to a minimal power consumption with maximum light comfort, excellent guidance and the successful application for subsidies.
With only 60 fixtures, we obtain more than 300 lux over an area of ​​1668m².

The total consumption is only 4860 watts, only half compared to what Led bay’s or other fixtures would consume over the same area.

We are convinced of the added value that VOLTRON® offers us, and have therefore decided in the future to opt for VOLTRON® for both new construction and for relighting existing warehouses and offices. ”

Two new types of The Parker have now been developed for specific warehouse applications up to 16 meters in height: The Parker® TP-9090 for open high-rise warehouses, and The Parker® TP-3090 for rack warehouses.
If you have questions about the lighting of your new construction project or about the relighting of an existing building, we are happy to help you further. Let us know !

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